$49.00 USD

Doubles and Triples (T) Endorsement Training

Welcome to the CDL Doubles and Triples (T) Endorsement training. In order to receive a CDL with a doubles/ triples (T) endorsement, you must pass the doubles and triples endorsement written knowledge test at your State's department of motor vehicles (DMV/ BMV/ SOS/ MVD). This training will certify you in accordance with the FMCSR's, will prepare you for the doubles/ triples endorsement written knowledge test, and give you the core competencies necessary to operate doubles/ triples combinations safely (i.e. b-trains, a-trains, gravel trains, etc.)

This training is utilized by trucking companies across America ensuring their drivers are knowledgeable and proficient in operating doubles and triples CMV's. For questions don't hesitate to call us at 906-212-5311 or check us out on Google@Midwest Truck Driving School.  Thank you for choosing Midwest Truck Driving School and enjoy the training!